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Dance Hosting

Dance Hosting is when a Professional Dancer is hired to dance with either an individual or a group of amateurs for an event.

While Professional Dance Hosting has been around nearly as long as ballroom has existed, it was often only practiced in isolated pockets of the dance world where event organizers would hire pros for their parties, or individuals would hire a pro to accompany them to a special event.

Recently, it has become more popular and accessible as the number of people learning to dance socially has increased. Today, some of LA's most experienced pros can be hired through our network for your special event or even to dance with you at the salsa club as you master your steps on the dance floor.


Reasons to Hire a Professional Dance Host:

While there are many reasons to hire a Professional Dance Host, below are some of the most common benefits our clients say that they get from dancing with our Pros. Read through them and see if they are things you would like to experience.

  • Guarantees the client gets to dance

  • When other people see how well you dance with your pro, it will be much easier to attract good dance partners

  • General injury protection from experience-related injuries like trips, drops, and stubbed toes

  • Specific injury protection for dancers with easily irritated joint issues like shoulder or knee injuries that could be easily re-injured ​

  • Exposure to pattern variations and sequences that you will never get in a private lesson or group class

  • Improve your dancing in ways that Private Lessons, Group Classes, Showcases, and even Competitions never will

  • Never having to go dancing alone--even if your friends don't want to go

Choose an event for your hosting

48-Hour Cancelation Policy for Hosting:


At the request of our staff, pros and your fellow social dancers, we implement a 2-day cancelation policy for hosting appointments. This means that a cancelation will be accepted without penalty or restriction if it occurs more than 48 hours before a hosting event. If a cancelation must occur within the 48 hours prior to an event, we must require the individual to pay their portion of the hosting session(s) reserved or find someone else who will assume the reservation. While we will do our best to find a replacement for any client that needs to cancel last minute, we can not be responsible for finding last-minute replacements. We ask that you respect our staff, pros, and your fellow dancers by finding replacements to fill spots for last-minute cancelations.


48-Hour Appointment Guarantee for Hosting:

We, The Relevé Dance Group, take responsibility for guaranteeing that all hosting appointments will be completed as described in their final confirmed state, and that no changes will be made to the reservation less than 48 hours in advance (as long as the reservation was made more than 48 hours in advance), and that if a change occurs that the client will be entitled to their choice of either a monetary refund or credit for another hosting opportunity. This means that the cancelation of a reservation, whether in part or whole, due to a mistake on our part or the part of our pros will result in a full refund of the clients' unfulfilled portion of the reservation.

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