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Private Lessons

Private Lessons are the #1 Best Way to Accelerate Your Learning


While Group Classes, Dance Events, and Hostings are often how people start dancing, Private Lessons are essential for anyone who wants to improve. They are the main educational tool for performers, and no serious competitor will set foot on the comp floor without first preparing with Private Lessons. 

Private Lessons can either be taken one-on-one or as a couple. While taking Private Lessons is often done in place of attending group classes, it is suggested that all students also take group classes to become familiar with patterns and actions that will be covered in Private Lessons and applied in a more personalized way.

Benefits our students often report to us about their private lessons are:

  • Instruction personalized to their learning style

  • More clear instruction than was possible in the group class

  • Getting better faster than their peers in their group class

  • Personalized styling variations that look good on them

  • Understanding material that confused them in a group class

Sign up for your first Private Lesson Today to discover the difference for yourself. 

24-Hour Cancelation Policy for Private Lessons:

At the request of both our instructors and your fellow students, we implement a 24-hour cancelation policy for all private lesson appointments. This means that a cancelation will be accepted without penalty if it occurs more than 24 hours before a hosting event. If a cancelation must happen closer to a private lesson than 24 hours, we retain the right to require the individual to pay for the private lesson(s) scheduled or find someone else who will assume the appointment. Thank you in advance for respecting our pros, your fellow students, and our staff in this regard.


24-Hour Appointment Guarantee for Private Lessons:

We, The Relevé Dance Group, take responsibility for guaranteeing that all Private Lesson appointments will be completed as described in their final confirmed state, and that no changes will be made to the reservation less than 24 hours in advance (as long as the reservation was made more than 24 hours in advance), and that if a change occurs that the client will be entitled to their choice of either a monetary refund or credit for another Private Lesson. This means that the cancelation of a reservation, whether in part or whole, due to a mistake on our part or the part of our pros will result in a full refund of the clients' unfulfilled portion of the reservation.

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